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They say it is darkest before light.  I speak nothing less than blessings upon all those health professionals that for more than a generation have worked tirelessly to save lives... whether they walked the halls of conventional allopathic medicine in hospitals or the thousands of alternative nautropathic wellness centers across the United States.  And, no less of honor goes to all those patients and clients, including mine, that gave their trust and patience for the hope of a healed body.

Dear Readers,

My journey as a health and wellness practitioner started in the early 1980's.  I previously owned and operated wellness centers in Texas and Florida.   My main campus in Florida was Body Logic Institute in St. Augustine, which provided a talented and caring staff offering comprehensive services in whole body detoxification, colonics, acupuncture, massage specialties, iridology, infra-red, customized nutrition using quantum physics and more.  This center also offered my post-secondary education I-ACT certified school in Colonic Irrigation, Curriculum and Certification.  I was licensed and board certified with degrees in Holistic Nutrition, Colon Hydrotherapy (Instructor Level), Massage Therapy, Diplomat of Iridology, Live Blood Cell Analysis, and a certified Life Coach. I performed over 30,000 colonic procedures personally, and with three additional colonic therapists on staff we tallied exemplary care for our clients.  I had a satellite office within an esteemed gyneocology practice in Jacksonville, FL as well. 


Although I retired from clinical practice over a decade ago, I remained active in the field               of health, and over the last  nine years in the sciences of mircrocirulcation to include advanced PEMF and PEMA energy technologies.  I spent many years traveling, conducting speaking engagements, training, and providing services.  I have witnessed first hand the good, the bad, and the ugly...the miracles and the kiss of death which at tenure left me at times with more questions than answers... except for one infalable truth that the "life of the body is in the blood".  

While hidden in plain site the "truth" obvious that given ALL the conventional and alternative modalities, nutritional science resources, and "specialists" America has to offer...why has it not stemed the tide of raging sickness in our country?  This evil now proliferates all age groups with cancer, cardiovascular disease, neurological and biological degeneration, not counting the new burden of the residual (and future) debilitating effects from Covid.  The citizens of the United States are at an unprecedented state of sickness, disease and death. 

Have we had victories YES, absolutely because of that very dedication which I so gratefully give credit; especially as one whom particated in the long hours of service to my clients... but the bottom line is that we in the United States have been chasing an illusion.   I did not realize this until the powers above me moved through time and space to drop the answer to virtually all my questions like a bolt of lightning right into my unexpecting lap.  It had been out there waiting and waiting, for a designated time and purpose.


 God does not make mistakes.  The human body has not changed from its creation; what has changed is our world...and what has it done to the health of our blood, which was truly created to be our Healer?   I am about to move you from dark to light; and when you fully understand this undeniable truth, there is no going back to that life whether professional or citizen.  

It is a time to humble ourselves, forgive, and rejoice.

The key to MICROCIRCULATION is epigenetics.
Energy and bacteria control life on this planet.  



system and today's healthcare.


  1. The HEART pumps blood and arteries transport blood...but METABOLIC function the "life of the body" occurs in the "microcapillaries"!  Of your entire vascular system the arteries make up only 11.5%, Veins only 14.5% but the Microvessels make up 74%!  Over 60,000 miles, 2.5 times around the earth!

  2. At the mitochondria celluar level is where OXYGEN and gases exchange, nutrients infuse, waste is removed, genetic information and "gene expression" communicates for cell duplication and other functions, celluar energy (ATP production) occurs to service TISSUE which serves ORGANS which services SYSTEMS.

  3. Mitochondria is subject to DNA damage and mutation from external > internal influences (diet, stress, toxins, chemicals, electromagnetic pollution and more)...these are the CRITICAL factors involved in premature biological vs. chronological aging, inflammation, chronic and degenerative disease...which we can recognize in early symptoms like weight gain, elevated levels in blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, pain, allergies, frequent colds, flu and more...which advances into the regular and added use of prescriptions drugs for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, immobility, neurological degeneration and the all too many conditions which we pray for recovery.

  4. The cardiovascular medical community in the United States evaluates the "macrocirculatory" not "microvascular" system.  Their diagnotics are followed by protocols of prescription drugs and surgery.


FACT : when microcirculation becomes impaired,

the disease process begins...this is a landmark reveal.


What could cause such an improvement in microcirculation in less than 30 minutes?

The FLAW in accepted science.

Multiple decades ago an elite group of Japanese scientists led by french born Dr. Bejit Edeas assessed the traditional paths of medical and nutritional science.   While they observed interventions discovered and implemented, they also saw that these institutional sciences did not produce many beneficial outcomes longterm.   Their conclusion, the science of "treating" or managing symptoms was extremely flawed. 


The Japanese chose a different path....they chose instead to study the perfect human model, the Centenarians.  The only population on planet earth that live on average

100+ years of age with fully active bodies and fully active minds.  A popluation

that has been and remains virtually impervious to illness and disease. 

They live in only five areas in the world called the "Blue Zones".

How?  After decades Dr. Edeas would not quit until he found the answer he was looking      for, despite running every possible test and examination of this poplulation's diet, genetics, environment and more to discover the secret their bodies held that the rest of the world did not.  How was it that illness, chronic and degenerative disease did not occupy a space within these people.  After 30 years...mystery revealed!  Then the real work began.  With my career in colon health this was a profound and shocking confirmation for me.  He found it in their "poop"!  Nearly 600 strains of specifc microbiome in which the rest of humanity had lost.  Microbiome (bacteria) that was present at the creation of man, but has only remained sustainable within the Centenarian people.   Shocking.  We have not even scratched the surface to even begin understanding the intricate enginnering of the amazing human body.  


Great, but...what does that have to do with microcirculation?  The bigger discovery was actually how the microbiota when absorbed in the intestinal track communicates by "gene expression" via the gut to brain relationship.   It triggers the brain to OPEN the microcapillary system to receive these life supporting bacteria (post biotics).  The body even though it may not have possessed this level of bacteria since birth, the body recognizes it and responds by creation.

CLEANS and FEEDS the mitochondria.  The images above under a special medical microscope shows this mode of action within less than 30 minutes of drinking a single packet of "Belage", the formula created by the Japanese group Sanki Mayor.  In addition, is the remarkable improvements in actual blood work lab reports in as little as 30 days. 

The neutrigenomics (not an external frequency) have transformed the health of millions in Japan, France, Peru, Columbia, Mexico and now the United StatesSanki Global has been delivering its life saving science for doctors to use with their patients and consumers throughout the world for over a decade.  3,000 published studies, in-vivo (human trials) with five patents.  The formula comes in a great tasting powder of 14 quadrillion nanosphere metabolites that you just mix in water.

Prebiotics and probiotics are obsolete.  Sanki science brings the body back to "self-healing" self-regulation, and self-modulation.  Their bio-tech innovation has been recornized by the Congress in Medical Nutrition, Paris Convention in Innovation, VitaFoods in Geneva Switzerland, also the International Conference in Diabetes.   

Studies available upon request.


Small Title

Microcirculation Scanning available by appointment at Glory Ridge Retreat, included in Consultation!!

Unprecedented Paradigm Shift

Practitioners and citizens...  Anti-Aging is a myth.  

Despite all the resources and efforts people are NOT living longer, and are suffering with a very poor quality  of life as their lives are diminished and cut short.  Americans consume 87% of the prescription drugs produced, yet we are only 5% of the world's population.  Pretty sad when you consider that the first prescribed  drug wasn't even invented until the year 1929.

Radical healthy LONGEVITY is now proven and possible.

So if this is your story?

Have you been left with empty promises but are still hoping and praying?  Have you been left short or given up on conventional medical and alternative treatments?  Are you exhausted, depressed, and broken from your search for victory over elusive, stubborn, chronic, even terminal health challenges? 

There are basically three predominant types of "American" patients in this country.  

The first at a hint of a sniffle or pain, runs to the doctor, and then the drug store.   Their life becomes ever intertwined with a litany of prescription drugs, side effects, surgeries and a compounding of illnesses that rarely ends well, and never really eliminates what started it all.  A life of suppressing and managing symptoms should give you pause to think, and reconsider. 

The second is the "silent sufferer" that goes through life in denial despite of their discomforts, fear, and refuses to seek a medical solution.  They are stubborn, leery, and may walk only in the world of "natural" and alternative health modalities.   Some will win their battles through shear will, faith, or alternative means... but eventually they too on mass will lose the war.  

The third and the lesser of the three floats somewhere between the two and struggles to make sense of it all.  


I GET IT!  I understand, beliefs...especially those formed throughout careers, and the mindsets that become engrained through traditions that can span generations are not easy to disturb much less give way to truth.  However, do accept this...that truth can also mean freedom.

BEWARE: of "Longevity Peddlers"...there are masses of business money being shifted right now into the public domain away from the anti-aging market; for that run is over.  On line offers are already rolling out costing thousands of dollars to those clamoring for a "piece of the pie" and touting to become a longevity specialistDON'T fall for it!  And moreover, sadly, there will be some practitioners that will simply repackage, rebrand, and resale that which they have already drained the pockets of their consumers.   But, again...there are some incredible professionals out there that respect their patients and clients, and operate with compassion and love everyday;  and we would be far worse off without them.

Get off the hamster wheel.  It does not need to be that way.  If you only get one message it          is this...stop treating symptoms and take the ONLY proven pathway to restore and protect your microcirculation longterm.  You can use virtually all the drugs, vitamins, and energy frequency devices in the world and they will not produce healthy LONGEVITY; it hasn't because it can't without this level of epigenetics from this level of microbiome.   We must

acknowledge creation to win the war.  Practitioners can operate with more integrity, streamline their services, make plenty of money, and lay their head down at night in peace.  Gary Breka, Biologist and considered the world's expert on human mortality commented recently regarding Sanki science "those Japanese are 50 years ahead of everybody"!

And if you are still can avoid the fate of family and friends that suffered and passed way too soon.  It is a time to humble ourselves, forgive, and REJOICE!      The answer to darkness is LIGHT! 


Let's Talk!

Is what's in your BLOOD killing you!

Available to consult over the phone or even in person at our retreat.   An Initial consultation fee is an extreme value for a just a $30 donation to our non-profit; which if in person would include the mircocirculation scanning and product experience.

  Discover your origin.......                              Heal the BLOOD and it
will HEAL your Body.



 A different discussion about chronic and degenerative diseases.  

You will find the discussion and answers to your challenges factual, uplifting, simple, and proven.   Using wisdom can make a transition easy and safe.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a medical doctor.  I am providing nutritional counsel derived from my own education, training, clinical experience, licensing, and certifications in the area of health and wellness.   Other than official media, the views on this website are independently my own and not that of Sanki Mayor and its organization. 

By contacting me you are agreeing and acknowledging, that providing such counsel, and/or any recommendation for use or acquistion of any nutritional product/s is not intended to cure, treat or prevent any disease and has not been approved by the FDA.  The information discussed, shared, or published is for the purpose of education and is based on facts, actual studies, and/or real testimonies of first person's whom have reported their results.  The

optional acquisition of nutrition products is not included in the cost

of the consultation. 

Results may vary,  consult your medical health professional before

making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

Susan J Heckman, Dip. Ir, MS, LMT, CT, CLC (retired)

Glory Ridge Retreat, LLC

Glory Ridge Foundation 501 (C3)

Health or Wellness Professional or citizen you have the option to bypass discussion and go straight to this neutrigenomic product source by visiting Sanki the Longevity Company at : 

Seniors to CENTENARIANS...60's is the NEW 100's!

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